David Arrighi: Gainesville is an amazing city of the arts (The Gainesville Sun, Sunday, October 23, 2011)

The artistic culture here is very special. Gainesville is home to a variety of galleries and museums, acclaimed arts festivals, incredible modern and historic architecture, and distinctive theater and performing arts.

As the owner of Thornebrook Gallery, I would like to thank the Gainesville community for 30 years of business. Very simply, I love Gainesville! I cannot think of another community that would have supported a business like mine for 30 years. North Florida’s pool of artistic talent is overwhelming. Thornebrook Gallery is able to carry 90 percent of its two-dimensional art by artists in this part of Florida.

Whether it’s the natural beauty or cultural richness that attracts artists and patrons, Gainesville is a special place for the arts that we as a community must preserve. From galleries to restaurants to boutiques to grocery stores, there is an abundance of local businesses here that make our community special. In the interest of a strong, vital local economy and sustaining our distinctive arts and culture: Buy local!



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