Artist displays paintings in Gainesville after 4 years (The Alligator, September 20, 2012)

Nestled in the oaks of the quaint Thornebrook Village, Thornebrook Gallery boasts the eclectic and serene feeling that nationally recognized artists like Peter Pettegrew find the best home for their prized pieces of art.

After a four-year break from shows in Gainesville, Pettegrew’s work returned to Thornebrook Gallery, at 2441-6D NW 16th Ave., where the Winter Park artist will exhibit “Glazes of Color.”

The collection will hold 25 of the artist’s most recent landscape paintings that are available for viewing and sale until Sept. 29.

Pettegrew’s work highlights the colors and textures seen in the scenery of North Florida, which Gainesville residents will be able to enjoy in “Glazes of Color.”

In the last six months, Pettegrew has had shows in Orlando, Winter Park and Tampa with a paint out in Wekiva and a commission in Northern California, according to Thornebrook Gallery owner David Arrighi.

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