Gallery Magazine Introduces the World’s First “Magendar”

Sept. 28, 2012 – (Gainesville, Fla.) Gallery Magazine introduces the world’s first “Magendar” as it’s fall anniversary issue. The limited edition 2013 “Magendar” is part Magazine, part Calendar, all custom-created to help people enjoy arts and culture in our community.

“We’re always working to make the arts interesting and accessible to all people,” said David Arrighi, Editor in Chief of Gallery Magazine. “That is the inspiration. I do this daily in choosing artists and pieces for Thornebrook Gallery, its the reason I started Gallery Magazine, and it’s the reason the “Magendar” was made – to make the amazing amount of art and culture in our community easy, approachable and fun.”

The “Magendar” was created as part of Gallery Magazine as a new form of arts entertainment. The first generation of “Magendar” arrives in October 2012 as part of Thornebrook Gallery’s 31st anniversary and celebrates another year of world-class art in the North Central Florida community.

The 2013 “Magendar” retails for $5.00 and is available for purchase at Thornebrook Gallery. For more information visit or call (352) 378-4947.

Gallery Magazine and it’s associated print and digital expressions are a quarterly publication about the Art of Life for everyone from art connoisseurs to those who simply appreciate beautiful things. Each issue uncovers the best up-and-coming and established artists, galleries, museums, food, wine and festivals that north and central Florida have to offer. Visit Gallery Magazine online at Gallery Magazine is a publication of Thornebrook Gallery. For 31 years, Thornebrook Gallery has been one of North Florida’s premier art galleries and custom framing establishments. Thornebrook Gallery is located at 2441-6D NW 43rd Street, in the Shoppes at Thornebrook Village in Gainesville, FL. Gallery hours are Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit Thornebrook Gallery online at


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