Letters to the Editor for Oct. 8, 2012 (October 8, 2012, The Gainesville Sun)

Time to take in the arts this week

October 5-14 is American Craft Week. Fine crafts are rooted in tradition and give a strong sense of community, of place and time. Fine craft includes metalwork, glasswork, woodwork, ceramics, and more. From artisan jewelry to decorative bowls, fine crafts represent some of the most accessible works of art that enhance our every day lives, and an amazing opportunity to buy American and buy local.

There is no time like the present to get out and experience fine crafts available in our community. The Downtown Arts Festival, on Oct. 13-14, is brimming with artisan crafts, and there are wonderful galleries and museums representing local, regional and national craft artisans right here in Gainesville, including: Artisans Guild, Paddiwhack, McIntyre Stained Glass Studio, the Harn Museum of Art, and Thornebrook Gallery.

This week visit a gallery or museum, and enjoy the world-class Downtown Festival in celebration and support of American craft.

David Arrighi,



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